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Prior to Your First Visit, Please Note the Following

Confirmation E-Mail: You should have received an e-mail confirmation of your appointment day/time immediately after scheduling, if you did not receive this, please contact us to confirm your appointment.

Paperwork: You should also receive an email with the Initial Evaluation paperwork. Please fill this out prior to your appointment and expect it to take 10-15 minutes. This will be completed digitally, and once completed, automatically sent to your provider for review. Timely completion of this paperwork allows to maximize your time in front of your provider and lead ample time to answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to complete this paperwork prior to the appointment, we will require you to complete it at your appointment. If you are under 18 years of age, the paperwork should be completed/reviewed by a parent or guardian.

Promptness: We know your time is valuable, so expect us to start promptly at your appointment time. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early if you need to change clothes or use the restroom prior to your appointment.

What to Wear: Please wear something you are comfortable moving around in, ideally athletic clothes (shorts, and a sports bra/tank top or T-shirt). You will undergo a full body evaluation, so be prepared to expose your legs, neck, and shoulder blades. This evaluation will be performed in a private treatment room; however, if there is an area you are uncomfortable exposing, or would prefer not to expose, just let us know and we will accommodate. 

Expect to Sweat: You may be doing exercise as a part of your treatment plan. We have a complete locker room available to you with anything you may need to shower on site. This includes 2 showers, body and hair soap, towels, lotion, a hair dryer, and a lockable locker.

Phone Use: We’re 100% focused on you and want to encourage your full attention on the experience so you receive the most out of each appointment. We encourage shutting off or silencing phones if able, but of course will respect emergent circumstances.

Open Communication: We know and appreciate the emotional and challenging nature of injury and pain and want to ensure your comfort with any and all treatment provided. While we may provide you with treatment recommendations, we will only perform what you consent to and are comfortable with. 

Privacy: The majority of treatment will be performed in a private treatment room; however, exercise may be performed in the main gym area secondary to equipment and space needs. 

App: Download the free PTEverywhere app in the app store so you can schedule appointments, communicate with your provider, and easily access your home exercises on your phone.  

Have another question? Check out the FAQ page on our website. 

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