Complimentary Consult

15 minutes


Book this appointment if you want to hear more about us or take a tour of the facility. This can be in person or virtual!

Initial Evaluation

90 minutes


Book this appointment if you are in pain or are rehabilitating an injury or from surgery

Injury Risk Reduction Screen

45 minutes


Book this appointment if you are not in pain and looking to reduce your risk for injury

Recovery Room Consult

30 minutes


Book this appointment if you're interested in touring our recovery room and discussing a personalized recovery plan 


60 minutes


45 minutes


30 minutes


15 minutes (PTU)


You and your physical therapist will collaborate on a plan of care that meets your goals and your schedule. Our appointment times are flexible so you only pay for what you need. Our 15 minute appointments are called Performance Therapy Units (PTUs) and are designed for maintenance care.


  • 45 minute 5 pack: $350 ($70 per visit)

  • 30 minute 10 pack: $450 ($45 per visit)

  • 15 minute (PTU) 20 pack: $400 ($20 per visit)

Home Care



60 minutes


30 minutes


Interested in having us come to you?... not a problem!